The Butcher's Dog Chunky Beef and Turkey


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A great meal for growing pups and dogs new to raw.

 Each bag contains 6 x 250gram discs.

40% Australian Turkey thigh meat

40% Australian Beef

10% Crushed Bone

10% Vegetables: (Kale, spinach, butternut and carrot)


A rich lean source of protein, high in Amino Acids, with vitamin A and folate, Vitamin D. Vitamins B12 and B6, Omega 3 fats. No cheap fillers, preservatives or chemicals.

Product arrives frozen. Store in the freezer, defrost in the fridge and use within 3 days (safe to defrost, portion and refreeze).

Thoroughly defrost before feeding as feeding frozen or semi-frozen food is not advised, especially for puppies. You may need to leave it in a covered container on the bench for a short time to fully defrost. Organs are fed as 10% of a raw diet.

Suitable for puppies and adult dogs as part of a raw diet once raw feeding has been established – approx 4-6 weeks.

Always feed a variety of proteins from across our range for balanced nutrition. We recommend rotating through at least 4 meat protein types plus our Vegetable, Fruit and Organ supplement.


  • *Some dogs do not like the texture/smell of organ meat. You may find when first introducing organs it helps to flash fry them in a pan for 30 seconds to encourage your dog to eat it.
  • *Feeding organ meat can help if your dog is constipated. However, watch the amount of organ meat when you first start as it can cause loose dark bowel movements. Start out slowly.
  • *Feeding edible bones has the reverse efect and can result in firmer or white poop.

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