Plush Puppy T.L.C Coat Conditioner 'Ready To Use' Spray Conditioner 500ml


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Plush Puppy T.L.C – A revolutionary innovative spray “Leave-in” or “Rinse-Out’ coat conditioner.

Innovative and full of benefits for all dog coat kinds, T.L.C is exactly that – TENDER, LOVE & CARE for the coat.

Our unique low viscosity formula allows spraying without compromising the concentration or richness of ingredients.

T.L.C is a gentle, easy to use, leave-in, or rinse-out conditioner. Use as a normal conditioner and rinse out, or as a leave-in conditioner treatment.

T.L.C moisturises and detangles the coat leaving it with excellent shine.  It features a sublime light refreshing coconut fragrance. 

Suitable: Plush Puppy T.L.C  is ideal for all colours and coat textures, it’s easy to use formula allows control on amount used.

Directions: To use Plush Puppy T.L.C Coat Conditioner, spray mist onto a wet or dry coat. Massage through.  Leave-in or rinse out for required results.

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