Plush Puppy Gentle Face Shampoo "Let's Face It"


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Plush Puppy Let's Face It - Plush Puppy's Hypoallergenic, Sulfate free low foaming shampoo is perfect for dog groomers and custom made just for dogs' faces.

Our gentle no tear, no fragrance formula will not sting or irritate the eyes.

Special natural ingredients combine to gently clean and soothe folds and creases of a dog's face.

Blue Cypress extracts with anti inflammatory benefits are particularly effective on Brachycephalic breeds where wrinkles can get infected and sore.

Contains Panthenol, Pro Vitamin B5 to add moisture, aid healing and offer anti inflammatory benefits.

This is a concentrated formula, dispensed as a foam, that is easy to control and apply.

Can also be used as a gentle ear cleaner.

A unique fragrant free shampoo that the dog show world has needed for far too long!

Suitable for: All breeds.

Directions: Before a complete body shampoo, pump a golf ball sized amount into hands, apply to dogs face. Gently massage until it lathers and then rinse. When shampooing your dog, always use Let's Face it dog face wash first to protect the eyes.

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