Laila and Me Freeze Dried Australian Turkey Cat & Dog Treats 140g


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Make healthier treat choices for your pet with the Laila & Me Freeze-Dried Turkey Dog Treats!

Your dog will go wild for these delicious treats! The Laila & Me Freeze-Dried Turkey Dog Treats are made with a single ingredient: premium Australian-sourced turkey meat. High in lean protein and the mood-boosting amino acid tryptophan, rich in vitamins (e.g., B6, B12, and selenium), and low in fat, these delightful and bite-sized turkey treats are packed with nutrients and give your dog an energy and health boost throughout the day. You can even use these treats for training to help keep your dog motivated! Laila & Me dog treats are always made in Australia and have zero chemicals, GMOs, carrageenan, fillers, artificial flavours/colours, and preservatives.

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