Laila and Me Dehydrated Australian Mackeral Tails Cat & Dog Treats 75g


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Satisfy your dog‘s chewing instincts with these Laila and Me Dehydrated Mackerel Tails.

Brimming with lots of chewing fun and nutritional benefits, these dried mackerel tails are special chew treats for dogs that contain a variety of essential minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, and protein. Fish especially is a natural source of omega fatty acids that are vital to your dog’s various health areas, from joint health to skin and fur coat.

Made from 100% Australian mackerel fish, these fish tails are air-dried gently to preserve the natural nutrients and flavours. Dehydrating doesn‘t damage or eliminate any of the goodness compared to generically processed kibble and treats.

Each mackerel tail treat is irresistibly crunchy and can help clean your dog’s teeth due to its slightly abrasive texture.

About Laila and Me: Offering 100% natural and delicious pet treats, Laila and Me is an Australian-owned small business that was founded in 2015 and brings healthy, hypoallergenic treats for pet owners with cats and dogs that have food allergies or sensitivities. Laila and Me focuses on treats that help manage weight, promote healthy gut and digestion, enhance skin and fur coat condition, and more.


Mackerel tails made to satisfy your dog‘s chewing instinct and boost nutrition
Loaded with essential fatty acids known to improve brain health, support joint health, relieve minor inflammation (including on skin), and more
Great dental chew treats for dogs that can help clean teeth to promote better hygiene
Air-dried and minimally processed to ensure maximum flavour and nutritional value
Hypoallergenic pet treat for dogs with food allergies and sensitivities
No chemicals, GMOs, carrageenan, fillers, salt, artificial flavours/colours or preservatives
Approved by animal nutritionist Clare Kearney
A great alternative to chew bones and other chew treats
Made in Australia and in small batches for freshness

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