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Crocodile and Lamb for cats and dogs is a premium complete formula with omega 3,6,9 achieved from Australian Emu Oil and chosen proteins. It is ideal for All Life Stages,  elimination diets and food trials, making it suitable for a long-term maintenance diet.

This diet can be partially cooked for fussy eaters however we do not suggest fully cooking any pet food as cooking removes vital nutrients.

Emu oil is beneficial for cats and dogs which has anti-inflammatory effects of omega 3 and are particularly beneficial for dogs and cats with skin and/or joint disease mainly seen in dogs.

Human grade crocodile for pets is known as a superfood. It is high in protein, rich in Omega 3 and low in fat and sodium. Benefits include:

  • healthiest meat for pets due to its rich vitamin and mineral content, lean meat that is full of protein

  • low in cholesterol.

  • crocodile meat may be good for pets with kidney disease.
  • It has been reported that a raw meat diet with 60-80% meat, and a combination of vegetable and vitamins, which is low in sodium and phosphate, and high in Omega 3 fatty acids make this protein source suitable for pets suffering from early to mid-stage renal failure.
  • can help to alleviate skin allergies such as dermatitis

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