K9 Rawsome FP1 Venison, Tripe, Emu (Diced) 1kg


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With the addition of Duck Frame Ground Bone added, the Outback FEAST consists of chunky small to medium cut sized portions of muscle meat and organs and blends of exceptional choice proteins varying the nutrient profile and providing optimal nutrient absorbtion. Formulated to feed as Complete Evolutionary Diet of 80.10.10 Franken Prey and also allow pet owners to further add any supplements and or vegetables if required.

 Novel proteins such as Venison and Emu are Sustainably sourced and human grade.


Venison                       40% (HG)

Emu                             20% (HG)         

Beef Green Tripe        10% (from human grade cattle)

Pork Heart                   10% (HG)

Ground Duck Frame   10% (from human grade duck)

Pork Liver                     5% (HG)

Beef Kidney                  5% (HG)

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