Art Of Whole Food Lamb Bone Broth For Pets


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A meal topper or tasty treat for your furry family member, Art of Whole Food Bone Broth is made from nutrient-dense superfoods and human-grade ingredients for an unbeatable boost of nutritional support.
Aussie-made from high quality Australian ingredients, this delicious bone broth contains no GMO ingredients, grains, preservatives, or artificial colours and flavours to ensure a healthy and delicious recipe in every bite. Highly digestible and gentle on even the most sensitive of tummies, this tasty topper won't require refrigeration until after it's opened for convenient storage.
For a delightfully cool summer snack, consider freezing this bone broth into ice cubes.
Perfect meal topper or treat for pets
Made from all-natural, human-grade ingredients and superfoods
Australian-made from Aussie ingredients
Offers a welcome boost of nutritional support to everyday meals
Highly digestible and gentle on sensitive tummies
GMO-free and contains no grains, preservatives, or artificial colours or flavours

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